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“Robbed”: Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Star Responds To Oscar Snub As Fans Revolt Online

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse¬†lead actor Shameik Moore has taken to in the wake of the Spider-Man animated sequel losing the Best Animated Feature to¬The Boy And The Heron¬†at the¬2024 Oscars. The¬Marvel¬†actor offered a quick-fire response to the unexpected loss, 6 years after¬Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse won the same award.

The Miles Morales voice actor said¬†Across The Spider-Verse¬†was “robbed” before following up to admit he was a sore loser, but qualified that the movie touched so many lives that it didn’t actually lose. Ahead of the upcoming trilogy-ender¬†Beyond The Spider-Verse, he also added a positive note of hype.

Meanwhile, writer and producer of¬†Across The Spider-Verse,¬†Christopher Miller shared his own reaction, praising¬†The Boy And The Heron‘s director, the visionary Hayao Miyazaki:

Spider-Verse Fans React On X To Oscar Loss

The Animated Sequel’s Snub Hit A Nerve With Lots Of The Spider-Man Community

Moore’s initial reaction has been mirrored by the considerable online sentiment from¬†Across The Spider-Verse¬†fans on, with a consensus that the sequel should have won. Given the fact that¬†Into The Spider-Verse¬†won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, and was similarly lauded with just 2% more on Rotten Tomatoes (97% to¬†Across The Spider-Verse‘s 95%), it was perhaps considered a slam dunk for the sequel to win. That explains the heightened reactions from fans bemoaning the loss…

On a night otherwise mostyl dominated by the favorites winning all of the Oscar categories, it is perhaps understandable that the word “robbed” appeared a lot immediately after the announcement of the winner.

Like Shameik Moore’s reaction, the disappointment was dotted with some counter-balancing praise for Miyazaki, whose¬†The Boy And The Heron¬†is expected to be his last feature film after an illustrious career.

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