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Daisy Ridley hopes her next Star Wars movie fulfills a promise she made at the age of nine.

Exclusive: Daisy Ridley wants Rey’s new Star Wars movie to make good on one 9-year-old Jedi promise, and it’s one that audiences have long awaited.

Rey Skywalker actress Daisy Ridley fully supports one long-awaited Star WarsJedi story finally being told in Star Wars: New Jedi Order, fulfilling a nearly decade-old promise. Although updates on Rey’s new Star Warsmovie have been under wraps, it’s one of the most anticipated projects among Star Wars‘ upcoming movies. The movie will be set 15 years after Star Wars:The Rise of Skywalker, and this may mean Rey is establishing a Jedi Order of her own – which could make one key story missing from the Star Warssequel trilogy finally happen.

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In an exclusive interview with 3issk, Ridley explained that she is in favor of one Jedi’s story finally being told in Rey’s new Star Warsmovie. When asked whether Finn could become a Jedi in the movie, Ridley responded:

Audiences begrudged the Star Warssequels somewhat, The Rise of Skywalkerin particular, for not making good on the strong suggestion that Finn was to become a Jedi in the movies, which in part stemmed from Finn holding a lightsaber in promotional materials.

The Force Awakens’ Marketing Teased Finn As A Jedi – & Now It’s Time

While it remains to be seen whether Finn will have this arc in Rey’s movie, particularly because John Boyega isn’t confirmed to be returning to Star Wars,the character has more than earned this update. Audiences are also eager to see it, with many having expressed their disappointment that The Rise of Skywalker’sending didn’t include a Jedi story for Finn. Finn had a great plotline in the Star Warssequel trilogy, transitioning from a First Order stormtrooper who was taken as a child to a true Resistance fighter, but this was a huge missed opportunity for Star Wars.

What made it even more confusing that the sequel movies neglected this arc was that Finn demonstrated an aptitude for the Force, particularly in The Rise of Skywalker,with moments of him describing “a feeling,”just as Rey had. While not every character must become a Jedi to be an amazing character—many of Star Wars’best characters are not Jedi, after all—this was an odd red herring that didn’t sit well with many viewers. Now, Rey’s new Star Warsmovie has the opportunity to ameliorate some of the damage done.

Finn could even be a Jedi master alongside Rey, helping her to build a new Order.

This new movie would actually be the perfect time to introduce Finn as a Jedi. Particularly given the timeframe of the movie, more than a decade after The Rise of Skywalker,it’s conceivable that Rey would have trained Finn during that time; this means that Finn could even be a Jedi master alongside Rey, helping her to build a new Order. Should New Jedi Order finally confirm that Finn is a Jedi after all, it would fulfill a very old promise—one that Daisy Ridley herself wants to see.

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