Game of Thrones is one of the most successful book-to-TV adaptations ever, but George RR Martin’s fictional universe goes far beyond what’s been included in it. Especially after the success of House of the Dragon, fans are eager to watch other upcoming spinoffs that Martin has teased on his Not a Blog website. He’s involved with HBO in the early development of at least five shows, including a Jon Snow sequel that would be the only one not to be based on a George RR Martin book.

Dunk Buries Ser Arlan and Becomes a Knight

Book Storyline:The Hedge Knight

Considering the subtitle of the new spinoff, it’s reasonable to assume that each season will be based on each Dunk & Egg novella — making it a three-season limited series. While Ser Arlan of Pennytree is already dead when the first tale begins, he’s still one of its most important characters and a central figure in the first scene. The Hedge Knight starts with a tall boy in his late teens burying the old man with respect and grief. Fans hope that Ser Arlan’s burial scene will be given appropriate importance in the TV show and that this storyline is explored further, as it’s a crucial part of Dunk’s background.

The tall boy named Dunk was once an orphan that the hedge knight found in Flea Bottom, and Ser Arlan took him away to be his squire. Whether Dunk tells the truth about being knighted by Ser Arlan just before his death is up for interpretation, but it’s clear that they had a father-son relationship. The show could show Dunk’s mentioned memories of Ser Arlan as flashbacks, giving the character some additional screen time.

The Tales of Dunk and Egg Puts the Seven in Seven Kingdoms

Book Storylines:The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, The Mystery Knight

Game of Thrones is set in a wide variety of places around its fictional world — from Dorne to King’s Landing, the North and Beyond the Wall, to Daenerys’ many stops in Essos and other settings. House of the Dragon expands on Westeros by showing more of Dragonstone and other less relevant spots in Game of Thrones, like Storm’s End. Still, many parts of the Seven Kingdoms remain unseen in the adaptations so far.

The Tales of Dunk & Egg is practically a “road movie,” as the duo travels across Westeros and works for different lords. Fans hope that the new series will take the time to show these varied settings and how different they are from what audiences have seen in the other shows. For example, The Hedge Knightis set almost entirely in the Reach — the most fertile part of Westeros, which is barely mentioned and has never been shown on TV. Keeping the sequence of their travels accurate will provide a broader view of the world of Game of Thrones.

Daeron the Drunken Dreams of a Dragon’s Death

Book Storyline:The Hedge Knight

The prophetic dream that Daeron the Drunken has of Duncan the Tall being involved in the death of a dragon is directly connected to other storylines in The Hedge Knight.But in and of itself, it’s also part of a bigger concept in Targaryen lore. The “dragon dreams” are a premonition ability that only a few Targaryens have, but it has been passed on through the House’s generations and has a great impact on the world. From Daenerys Targaryen’s dream of the doom of Valyria to Aegon the Conqueror’s dream of uniting the Seven Kingdoms against a common evil, dragon dreams are the basis for many things that happen throughout the series.

Daeron’s dream of a dragon dying has little consequence in the first Dunk & Egg book, so it could be skipped. However, fans hope it will be a part of the new show as it ties into things that happen in the other books and scenes from Games of Thrones and House of the Dragon. For example, Queen Alicent’s misinterpretation of King Viserys’ mention of a Targaryen dream is one of the key moments that led to the Dance of the Dragons’ War. It’s interesting that Daeron can recognize Dunk from his dream but can’t properly interpret what Targaryen would die from the image of the dragon’s death. This storyline shows that dragon dreams can be useful but unreliable, as they’re not easy to comprehend.

Baelor Breakspear Dies in the Trial by Seven

Book Storyline:The Hedge Knight

It’s clear to the TV adaptations’ fans by now that the Targaryens’ worst enemies are the Targaryens themselves. In The Hedge Knight, the family will again be in an unnecessary fight. Prince Baelor dies after Aerion Targaryen demands a Trial by Seven, which is devastating because he’s the nicest adult Targaryen in this book.

When Aerion harasses a group of Dornish puppeteers, Dunk makes the honorable mistake of forcibly stopping the Prince. The Trial by Seven is Aerion’s response to Dunk’s audacity. The Prince invokes this ancient form of trial by combat where each side must have seven champions to fight, and Prince Baelor — the uncle of Aerion and Egg — decides to join Dunk’s side. Although short-lived, Baelor is a vital character whose death in The Hedge Knight reverberates in the following tales and Targaryen history.

The Tourney at Ashford Meadow Starts as a Fun Experience

Before Dunk defies Aerion and things turn dark, the games at Ashford Meadow are a fun experience. Dunk is desperate to prove himself a knight and have the earnings of a champion, but he’s still able to enjoy watching the matches and learning more about the lords attending the tourney. Fans hope the series will capture the lively atmosphere of the event.

During this part of the story, Dunk meets the Fossoway cousins. They’re characters that could be cut from a TV show, but fans hope that’s not true. Raymun Fossoway is a fan-favorite for showing a lot of courage and honor as he quickly befriends Dunk and fights for him at the Trial by Seven.

Dunk and Egg’s Friendship Can Be Hilarious

Book Storylines:The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, The Mystery Knight

The dynamic between the two main characters is the heart of the A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms book trilogy. The development of their friendship is beautiful and can also be really funny. This comedy aspect of Dunk and Egg’s interactions could be used to make the next spinoff a lot less serious and dark compared to Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.

Dunk becomes an older brother to Egg when he allows the boy to be his squire. However, both of them are very young and inexperienced, and Dunk is still learning to be a knight throughout the three tales. This side of the story allows the spinoff’s writers to add some visual gags and extra banter, leaning towards the comic and making the series stand out as something unique in the GoTuniverse.

4Dunk is an Incurable Free Spirit

Book Storylines:The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, The Mystery Knight

The story of Duncan the Tall specifically is one of the most interesting in George RR Martin’s body of work. Considering all Game of Thrones lore, Dunk goes from an orphan squire of a hedge knight to one of Westeros’ most famous and celebrated warriors. He’s immortalized in many folklore songs, and his entry has four pages in the Book of Brothers, which records all the deeds of great men of the Kingsguard. Throughout the Dunk & Egg books, his development is a coming-of-age epic origin story.

The spinoff must show Dunk’s commitment to being a true knight, protecting the weak and choosing the righteous path every time. It will also need to picture him as a free spirit more interested in traveling and devoting his life to honest work and honest men instead of safety and wealth. The scene in The Hedge Knight where Prince Maekar offers him a place in his court and Dunk refuses is an example of what fans hope to see in his character development. It ties in perfectly with his reasons for becoming Lord Commander of the Kingsguard during the reign of King Aegon V Targaryen — also known as Egg.

Tanselle Is Dunk’s Love Interest

Book Storylines:The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, The Mystery Knight

Tanselle is a Dornish puppeteer who performs with her family at the Ashford Tourney in The Hedge Knight. She immediately catches Dunk’s attention for being not only beautiful but also tall enough for him to kiss without her having to be on top of a table or something. When they meet, Dunk is still inexperienced with women and gets really nervous when talking to her.

They start talking as he hires her to paint his newly purchased armor and shield. Later on, he’s quick to come to her defense when she’s attacked by Prince Aerion for putting on a “treasonous” show — as Aerion calls it. Their love story is not one of the most relevant storylines from the books, but fans hope the TV show doesn’t leave it out.

Ser Glendon Is Accused of Stealing the Dragon Egg

Book Storylines:The Mystery Knight

As Game of Thrones fans are well aware, a dragon egg is a highly valuable and rare item in the times of Daenerys Targaryen. Although dragons aren’t as much a part of A Knight of the Seven Kingdomsas they are in A Song of Ice and Fire, a dragon egg is a crucial element of the final Dunk & Egg book. While heading north to take up service with Lord Beron Stark against House Greyjoy, Dunk decides he and Egg should attend the wedding of Lord Ambrose Butterwell to a daughter of House Frey because Lord Gormon Peake of Starpike is also attending. Lord Peake is responsible for the death of Ser Arlan’s squire before Duncan, and the hedge knight wants to learn more about him.

While camping on their way to the wedding, the duo befriends other hedge knights — including Ser Glendon Ball. Dunk learns from the knights that there will be a tourney at the wedding and the prize is a dragon egg. As the wedding attendees’ true intentions are slowly revealed during the event, Ser Glendon is wrongfully accused by Lord Peake of stealing the egg and is arrested. This emotional moment marks the peak of the second rebellion in the name of House Blackfyre to take the Iron Throne. Fans hope that the new spinoff will reach this climax — most likely in its third season — which would show both the fragility and the greatness of House Targaryen in moments of rebellion.

Book Storylines:The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, The Mystery Knight

Duncan is the lead character for most of the trilogy, but Egg is also a main character at the forefront of several important events. The little eight-year-old asks to be Dunk’s squire in The Hedge Knightbecause his older brother Daeron is too busy getting drunk and doesn’t want to compete in the tourney. Egg’s character development from that moment is marked by how troubled House Targaryen can be.

In addition to what happens in A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, Egg is important in the Targaryen family tree. Named Aegon V, he’s the youngest son of Prince Maekar — a direct descendant of Daemon and Rhaenyra from House of the Dragon. His brothers are Daeron the Drunken, Aerion the Monstrous and Aemon, the beloved Maester of the Night’s Watch in Game of Thrones. Egg goes from a defiant little boy to Aegon the Unlikely, the fourth son of King Maekar who unexpectedly becomes the successor to the Iron Throne. He’s the grandfather of the Mad King and great-grandfather of Daenerys and her brothers. While the family connections between the Targaryens of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragonare blurry, fans hope the new spinoff might help clarify this confusing part of the lore.