New Superman set photos reveal a first look at one of the prominent antiheroes who is showing up in James Gunn’s DC Universe movie. David Corenswet’s Superman movie finally went into production in late February, as this will mark the first DC Universe movie in Gunn’s upcoming franchise. Set to focus on a young Man of Steel, Superman will also follow other superheroes that will help establish the larger DC Universe.

With Gunn’s Superman movie in production, the first batch of set photos have finally emerged online, but not of the Man of Steel himself. Instead, Just Jared has the first look at Maria Gabriela de Faria as Angela Spica, a.k.a. The Engineer. The Superman images show the actress in a black uniform on the set in Atlanta, Georgia.

What Role Will The Engineer Play In Superman?

While The Engineer is part of the Superman movie cast as a supporting character, she could be playing a crucial role for various reasons. For starters, with Angela being a member of The Authority, she will be one of Superman’s more brutal characters, given those heroes are known for their violent methods as crime fighters. That could theoretically put her in ideological opposition to Superman, making them rivals, as opposed to The Engineer being a traditional villain against him.

Given that Gunn’s DC Universe also has The Authority movie coming up, Superman could be using The Engineer to set up that team’s solo film. Angela could be the eyes and ears for the audience as they get to know her before they head into The Authority film. Depending on how much focus they have on her in Superman, Gunn could do enough work that the audience is left wanting to see more.

Time will tell if other members of The Authority will show up in Superman, as there haven’t been any more casting news for additional characters of the team. At the same time, adding too many characters may overload Superman to the point where it becomes too much. Hopefully, more glimpses of other Superman characters will emerge sooner rather than later.