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Masters of the Air Episode 7 Pays Homage to The Great Escape

When we last left our Masters of the Air heroes–John “Bucky” Egan (Callum Turner) and Gale “Buck” Cleven (Austin Butler)–they were reunited at a prisoner of war camp deep in the heart of enemy territory. Egan entered the camp at Stalag Luft… Continue Reading →

Deadpool 3’s Main Villain Identity Reportedly Revealed (With Major X-Men Connection

Marvel Studios has seemingly revealed the major villain of Deadpool and Wolverine. The upcoming movie will star Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine as they face off against the TVA and potentially bring the Fox X-Men characters into the Marvel… Continue Reading →

Chani’s Mysterious Departure in Dune: Part Two: What It Means for the Future

The conclusion of Dune: Part Two has left audiences in suspense, particularly regarding Chani’s unexpected departure on a sandworm. In the film, Chani, who initially promised to love Paul Atreides as long as he didn’t change, witnessed Paul’s transformation after… Continue Reading →

Where Was Aquaman 2 Filmed? All Locations Revealed

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom boasted some of the most beautiful locales in cinematic history, filmed on location all over the globe. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was the DCEU’s final movie, concluding the DC Universe’s cinematic franchise in an explosive and visually compelling… Continue Reading →

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