Jill Wilfert, an executive at Lego, sheds light on the original Lego Movie franchise’s conclusion despite its impressive $1.1 billion combined success. The journey of the iconic toy brand onto the silver screen commenced with the release of the eponymous movie in 2014, directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. The film achieved unprecedented success, grossing over $468 million worldwide and earning a remarkable 96% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Following this triumph, three more movies followed suit, ultimately leading Lego to relinquish the franchise rights to Universal in a five-year deal.

During a recent interview with Variety, Jill Wilfert delved into her experience with the original Lego Movie franchise. When questioned about the hiatus preceding the sale of the franchise rights, the head of global entertainment at Lego acknowledged that the studio had rushed into producing too many movies in quick succession, resulting in declining box office figures. However, she highlighted that despite this, the movies continued to receive positive reviews throughout their run. Wilfert shared her insights on the matter:

“In hindsight, we would probably say we had too many films too close together. All those movies did get good reviews. If you even look back to ‘Lego 2’, the reviews were better than the box office might indicate. I think people that did see it really did enjoy it. But really, in the film industry, it’s tough. I think you have to bring something unexpected to the table. And for us, going through that timeframe we felt like it was the right time to maybe take a little bit of a pause, re-evaluate what we’re doing.”

Furthermore, Wilfert emphasized that besides films, Lego remained actively engaged in producing serialized content. The company continued to create content tied to its properties, focusing on fueling its franchises with animation. Additionally, Lego ventured into new territory with reality-style television, notably with the immensely successful “Lego Masters.”

Scrapping Every Project After the Lego Movie Franchise’s Conclusion

Wilfert’s remarks underscore the Lego Movie franchise’s overall success despite facing challenges. Each installment enjoyed varying degrees of critical acclaim and box office success. However, the decision to shift the franchise rights to Universal resulted in the shelving of several planned projects. One such project was “The Billion Brick Race,” an in-universe spinoff inspired by racing movies, helmed by Jorge R. Gutierrez. Despite an extensive development cycle, the project faced setbacks, with Gutierrez departing in 2018.

Another casualty of the franchise’s conclusion was “Lego Superfriends,” a sequel to the Batman spinoff. Penned by Michael Waldron and Dan Harmon of “Rick and Morty” fame, the movie aimed to delve into Batman’s dynamic with the Justice League, confronting villains like Lex Luthor and OMAC. However, given Warner Bros.’ ownership of DC rights, the fate of this project remains uncertain. Nevertheless, with Aaron and Adam Nee onboard for the next Lego Movie, fans can anticipate new and exciting adventures on the horizon.