Kyle MacLachlan, who portrayed Paul Atreides in the original 1984 adaptation of Dune directed by David Lynch, has recently responded to the release of Dune 2. The much-anticipated sequel, directed by Denis Villeneuve, has now hit theaters, completing the epic adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel. Despite the initial box office flop of Lynch’s version, MacLachlan remains a dedicated supporter of the Dune franchise.

In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, MacLachlan shared his thoughts on the release of Dune: Part Two. Let’s delve into his remarks below:

Dune 3: Completing Paul Atreides’ Journey

With the release of Dune: Part Two, fans of the Dune saga eagerly anticipate the possibility of a third installment that will finally depict the full journey of Paul Atreides. While Lynch’s adaptation in 1984 fell short due to its limited scope, Villeneuve’s success with Dune: Part Two opens the door for a more comprehensive exploration of Herbert’s narrative.

Villeneuve’s Plan for Dune Messiah

Denis Villeneuve, the mastermind behind Dune 2, has hinted at the possibility of adapting Dune Messiah, the sequel novel to Frank Herbert’s original masterpiece. Despite the lack of official confirmation, Villeneuve’s ambitious vision for the franchise suggests that there is more to come. However, fans may need to exercise patience as the production of Dune: Part Three is yet to be greenlit.

Despite its shortcomings, Dune 1984 remains a pivotal part of the franchise’s history. As fans eagerly await the completion of Paul Atreides’ story on the big screen, it’s essential to recognize the contributions of Lynch’s adaptation. With Villeneuve at the helm, there is renewed hope for a faithful and comprehensive portrayal of Herbert’s original vision.


The release of Dune: Part Two marks a significant milestone for the Dune franchise. With Kyle MacLachlan’s endorsement and Denis Villeneuve’s ambitious plans for the future, fans can look forward to a continuation of Paul Atreides’ epic journey. As the saga unfolds, it’s clear that Dune’s legacy will endure for generations to come.