Jake Gyllenhaal reveals the raw reality behind filming fight scenes with Conor McGregor in the Road House remake. The actor, who played the lead role of Elwood Dalton in the film, delves into the intense physicality of their on-screen clashes and the inadvertent blows that occurred during shooting.

The remake of Road House, available exclusively on Prime Video, sees an ex-UFC fighter taking on the role of a bouncer in a Florida Keys roadhouse, entangled in a conflict with a local criminal organization. McGregor makes his acting debut in this movie alongside Gyllenhaal.

In an interview with Decider, Gyllenhaal sheds light on McGregor’s expertise, which added authenticity to the fight scenes. Director Doug Liman’s pursuit of realism heightened the intensity of these sequences, resulting in some accidental hits between the actors.

Gyllenhaal recounted instances where McGregor’s instructions led to unintended blows. Despite meticulous rehearsals, there were moments of spontaneity that led to real physical contact. He described one such incident where McGregor accidentally struck him in the face during a conversation by the monitor, highlighting the unpredictability of filming fight scenes.

Additionally, Gyllenhaal shared another incident where he inadvertently hit McGregor with a door, causing a black eye. Despite these challenges, he acknowledged McGregor’s professionalism and precision in creating believable action sequences without causing harm.

The Road House remake has garnered praise for its stunning visuals, compelling storyline, and improved fight choreography. Gyllenhaal’s training with a professional fighter and nutritionist prepared him for the physically demanding role, contributing to the film’s authenticity.

While filming action-packed scenes, unexpected blows are inevitable, adding to the realism of the movie. The use of real UFC fighters and pundits further enhances the authenticity of the fight sequences, elevating the film’s appeal to action enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Gyllenhaal’s insights provide a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes challenges of filming intense fight scenes. Despite the occasional mishaps, the dedication of the cast and crew to delivering a captivating cinematic experience shines through in the Road House remake.