Dwayne Johnson, famously known as “The Rock,” starred in a DC movie that faced both critical and financial disappointment upon its release. Despite its lackluster performance, the film, “Black Adam,” found a resurgence on Netflix, climbing its way to the Top 10 list of most viewed movies.

Despite receiving only a 38% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, “Black Adam” managed to capture the attention of Netflix viewers, securing a spot in the platform’s Top 10. With 2.7 million views in the past week, the movie proved that even films with middling reviews can attract audiences when available on popular streaming services.

Comparative Analysis with Hellboy

Interestingly, “Black Adam” outperformed 2019’s “Hellboy” on Netflix, despite the latter having a lower Rotten Tomatoes score of 17%. This discrepancy can be attributed to various factors, including the broader reach of Netflix and audience preferences.

Financial Disappointment

“Black Adam” failed to meet expectations at the global box office, earning approximately $390 million, which fell short of projections. While Warner Bros. managed to generate a profit of $52 million, this figure was considerably lower than the typical earnings anticipated for superhero movies.

The release of “Black Adam” coincided with a period of decline for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Following the announcement of a DCU reboot and the departure of key cast members like Henry Cavill, the future of the franchise seemed uncertain.

Impact of Critical Reception

Despite efforts to revitalize the DCEU with a fresh direction, critical reception played a significant role in “Black Adam’s” underperformance. The film’s repetitive plot and thinly developed characters failed to resonate with audiences, contributing to its lackluster box office performance.

Released in October 2022, “Black Adam” arrived amidst hopes for the franchise’s revival. However, subsequent developments, including disappointing box office returns and the announcement of a DCU reboot, signaled the beginning of the end for the DCEU as fans knew it.


While “Black Adam” may have fallen short of expectations as a cinematic release, its success on Netflix highlights the evolving landscape of film distribution. Despite initial setbacks, the film found a new audience on the streaming platform, demonstrating the enduring appeal of Dwayne Johnson’s star power and the potential for redemption in the digital age.