Marvel Studios’ The Fantastic Four, set to release in July 2025, has already sparked speculation about its setting in an alternate universe. Despite being Marvel’s First Family in the original comics, The Fantastic Four have yet to make their debut in the MCU’s primary reality, Earth-616. Could an alternate universe provide the perfect backdrop to explain their absence? Let’s delve into the clues hinting at this possibility.

1. New Human Torch Official Art Shows A Very Different Skyline

In April 2024, Marvel Studios released an official poster featuring Joseph Quinn’s Human Torch, adorned in flames and the signature Fantastic Four costume. What’s intriguing is the backdrop—a futuristic, all-white city reminiscent of Disney’s “Tomorrowland.” This departure from the traditional NYC skyline suggests a setting in a more advanced universe.

2. Coming From Another Universe Can Explain Where The Fantastic Four Have Been

Marvel Studios faces the narrative challenge of explaining the Fantastic Four’s absence amidst the evolving MCU landscape. With the full cast artwork hinting at a 60s-inspired era, the film must address questions regarding their whereabouts. An alternate universe origin provides a clean slate, free from pre-existing MCU baggage.

3. The MCU Has Already Teased One Former Fox Movie Property Appearing From Another Reality

Marvel Studios has introduced the concept of the multiverse by integrating former Fox properties like the X-Men. In “The Marvels,” Monica Rambeau finds herself in an alternate reality, encountering characters from the X-Men franchise. This sets a precedent for the Fantastic Four’s potential introduction from another universe.

4. Casting A Lesser-Known Silver Surfer May Mean The MCU Is Saving The Popular Version For Earth-616

The surprise casting of Julia Garner as Shalla-Bal, a female variant of Silver Surfer, suggests an alternate universe scenario. While a gender-swapped Silver Surfer isn’t unprecedented, this casting choice hints at a distinct universe within the MCU.

5. There’s Already A Precedent For Reed Richards Variants In Other MCU Timelines

“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” introduced a variant of Reed Richards on Earth-838, along with references to the Fantastic Four. This establishes the existence of alternate versions of the team, laying the groundwork for their introduction from another universe.

6. Galactus May Signal The Destruction Of The Fantastic Four’s Original Home Planet

The appearance of Galactus, the cosmic World Devourer, could foreshadow the Fantastic Four’s journey from their original universe to the MCU. Galactus’s involvement hints at a cataclysmic event that forces the team to seek refuge in a new reality.

7. The Fantastic Four Coming From Another Universe Would Avoid Repeating A Captain America Story

An alternate universe origin for the Fantastic Four prevents a retread of Captain America’s frozen-in-time storyline. By sidestepping familiar narratives, the film can carve out its own unique path within the multiverse.

8. The MCU Needs To Start Raising The Stakes Of The Multiverse

As the MCU approaches the culmination of its Multiverse Saga, setting the stage for “Avengers: Secret Wars,” it’s essential to expand the scope of the multiverse. The Fantastic Four’s introduction from another universe adds depth and complexity to the MCU’s overarching narrative.

In conclusion, the clues surrounding Marvel Studios’ The Fantastic Four strongly suggest a departure from the primary MCU reality. An alternate universe setting not only offers a fresh perspective but also aligns with the broader multiverse narrative arc. As fans eagerly await the film’s release, anticipation builds for a Fantastic Four adventure unlike any other, set against the vast backdrop of the multiverse.