Callum Keith Rennie, who portrays Captain Rayner in Star Trek: Discovery season 5, teases about the intriguing backstory behind his character’s relationship with the new villains, Moll and L’ak.

In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Rennie hints at Rayner’s history and how it intertwines with his encounters with Moll and L’ak. He suggests that there’s a deeper connection that explains Rayner’s motivations and reactions towards the rogue duo.

Captain Rayner’s Turbulent Journey

Captain Rayner’s tenure in Starfleet takes a turbulent turn as he becomes entangled with the enigmatic Moll and L’ak. His relentless pursuit of the villains jeopardizes his career and puts him at odds with Captain Michael Burnham.

In episode 2 of Star Trek: Discovery season 5, titled “Under the Twin Moons,” Rayner’s obsession with capturing Moll and L’ak leads to insubordination, nearly derailing his Starfleet career. His singular focus on apprehending the couriers overrides his duty to assist the people of Q’Mau during a crisis.

Struggles with Peace and Transition

Rayner’s character portrayal in Star Trek: Discovery season 5 depicts him as a stoic and driven individual, prioritizing his mission above all else. However, his difficulty in adapting to the newfound peace following the events of The Burn era is evident.

Despite his intense demeanor, Admiral Charles Vance, Rayner’s old friend, vouches for his integrity and competence. It is clear that Rayner’s experiences with Moll and L’ak have deeply affected him, leading to a personal conflict that threatens to overshadow his professional duties.

As Star Trek: Discovery season 5 unfolds, viewers eagerly await revelations about Captain Rayner’s tumultuous past and his connection to the enigmatic adversaries. His backstory promises to add depth to his character and shed light on the complex dynamics at play in the ongoing narrative.


With Callum Keith Rennie’s portrayal and hints about Captain Rayner’s backstory, Star Trek: Discovery season 5 offers audiences a compelling exploration of character development and interpersonal conflicts. As the series delves deeper into Rayner’s history with Moll and L’ak, viewers can expect an engaging and suspenseful journey filled with twists and revelations.