Alan Ritchson could join the DC Universe as another superhero that is not Batman, as the actor’s latest movie teases how good he would be as a major DC hero.

Alan Ritchson is no stranger to the DC Universe. He has already played a major Justice League character in the past, bringing Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, to life in the Superman prequel series Smallville. More recently, the actor played a street-level DC hero, Hawk, in Titans. Ritchson’s DC experience goes well with his hit Prime Video series Reacher. His experience with both Aquaman and Hawk has laid a foundation for his potential portrayal of another significant DC character. With Ritchson’s latest action movie, there’s a tease that another hero might be the best role for the actor in DC’s announced movies.

Ritchson’s Latest Action Role Teases a New DC Superhero Role

Ritchson’s latest movie is an action flick with the signature flair of director Guy Ritchie. He plays Anders Lassen in The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. The movie sees the actor get a good part of its most exciting action sequences, with Ritchson showing that his past experience with action roles has made him a bona fide star. His character’s signature weapon is a bow and arrow. With Ritchson’s performance being a standout among The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare reviews, the character’s solid bow and arrow performance makes him a great candidate for the DCU’s Green Arrow.

James Gunn’s new DC Universe begins in 2024, and there are some exciting actors who could play a hero who was missing in the old DCEU — Green Arrow. Besides looking great with Oliver Queen’s signature weapon, Ritchson has the necessary skills to bring a great Green Arrow to life.

Why Alan Ritchson Is A Popular Choice To Play The DC Universe’s Batman

Some names have emerged as the favorites among fans to play the DCU’s Batman, which include Jensen Ackles, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ritchson. Ritchson became a popular pick for DC’s Dark Knight after Reacher season 2 premiered. Ritchson’s second outing as Jack Reacher cemented that he would be perfect for Batman in a few different ways. Reacher’s hand-to-hand fighting prowess and detective skills show how Ritchson could portray an intimidating Batman.

The actor’s imposing physique lends itself well to the fancasting, as Ritchson’s Batman would be a brutal force for justice. In Reacher, there are multiple scenes where Ritchson’s character interrogates criminals in classic Batman fashion, using fear as a weapon to get answers. Ritchson’s prior DC experience also helps make his case to play Batman in the DCU. The actor was solid as Aquaman in Smallville, playing one of DC’s biggest characters without feeling the pressure. In Titans, Ritchson played a nuanced veteran street-level hero perfectly, which could translate to how he would approach Batman in the DCU.

Batman has also been announced to appear in a DCU project, whereas Green Arrow’s involvement in the franchise has yet to be confirmed.

Alan Ritchson is one of the leading fancasts to play Batman in James Gunn’s DC Universe, and a few factors explain why the casting would work.

What Alan Ritchson Has Said About Joining The DC Universe

With rumors swirling about the DCU’s Batman casting, the fan-favorite candidates for the role have all commented positively on their interest in playing the character. The Reacher star has proven enthusiastic to take on the role a few times, and recently, Ritchson made it clear that he wants to play Bruce Wayne. Ritchson wants to bring Batman’s intelligence and resourcefulness to life on the big screen, with the actor also commenting on how it would be cool to play around with Batman’s gadgets and vehicles.

The actor cannot be more clear about his intentions than Ritchson saying this April, “I want to be Bruce Wayne!” While the actor has yet to comment on playing another DCU hero that is not Batman, Ritchson’s action expertise and DC past makes him a great pick for different heroes. The actor has emerged as a popular name for the veteran hero Wildcat in the Justice Society of America. With his The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare role being a great audition for Green Arrow, Alan Ritchson’s DCU future could be as Oliver Queen instead of Batman.